About Us

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Premier Fisheries are an established organization originally conceived by Cyril Brewster who brought together an enthusiastic group of like-minded experts to market and promote the highest quality fisheries in the UK. With their expertise and enthusiasm, we are continually working to improve facilities and create new opportunities in the sport of angling.

The Directors

Dave HighamJoint Managing DirectorRoy MarlowVice ChairmanCyril BrewsterChairmanKevin CoeJoint Managing Director

The organization represents the best in quality, striving to stay ahead with facilities offered to fishermen, developing new ideas and competitions. By raising the profile of our fisheries and extending awareness of the sport throughout the country, juniors and newcomers to angling are always extended a warm welcome. The whole group are committed to the’ health and welfare of our fish, and are always sharing the knowledge gained to improve their environment and that of the fisherman. Advisers on angling, fishing tackle, and tuition and fishing tackle shops are just part of the service.

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